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Takenmylifebac, do a search up at the top right corner of LF with these words: “Confusion: The top warning sign of an abusive relationship” and watch this video a few times!

In the video Donna Anderson (LF site creator) is interviewing Mary Ann Glynn a therapist (not sure of her official title). This interview is EXCELLENT at breaking down a abusive relationship. The biggest thing to take away is the “confusion” that a victim feels in the abusive relationship. This is your right now. Confused. I was so confused too. Trying harder to be a better wife, but nothing worked. He was training me much like a dog is trained to jump thru hoops to please him. Nothing was ever going to please him because it was a game to him.

Also watch the videos up at the top of LF under the video tab every time you want to stay with this abuser.

Look under the posting section. Donna has just posted a new post where Mary Ann Glynn will be giving a free counseling group session over the net. IF you can watch but only if you are safe to do so. It’s best to get out of the house & watch it at a trusted friends home.

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