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Hi Takenmylifebac, if you go to the upper right corner here at Lovefraud & do a search for:

“Mary Ann Glynn Confusion”

it should come up, but ***I will also move it to the top of the post on the “post section” (not the forum section) for you to read.

So glad that you are making these huge important steps (calling the abuse center & educating yourself here at LF)!! You are strong!! You should be so proud of yourself for working on getting out of your abusive relationship!

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE anything that you learn here at love fraud or other sites with your bf for your safety & your daughter safety. You must bit your tongue!! It’s not easy you want him to know you “know” who he is…but dont. Come here & vent if you need to get it off your mind.

Also look at the site “psychopathyawareness. word press. com another great site to educate yourself.

Hugs to you!

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