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takenmylifeback, you are in a very dangerous situation! Please be extremely carful not to set him off into a rage. If you feel unsafe get out with your daughter tomorrow & ask the local abuse center for emergency shelter. Have their number set in your phone under an “friends” name.

He is showing his true colors to you right now. His mask is slipping.

DO NOT TALK ABOUT LEAVING HIM WHEN YOU TAlK WITH HIM NOW & DO NOT TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED ON THIS SITE OR ANY OTHER SITE ABOUT HIS BEHAVIOR…return ALL conversations to every day life conversation. Do not tell him you are leaving him! BIT YOUR TONGUE & pretend that you want to stay with him.

DO NOT FIGHT WITH HIM…you will not win an argument with him, so dont start or get involved in one with him. Let him push your buttons without getting into an argument with him (not easy but do it for your safety & your daughters!!). He wants to get a rise out of you. Just tell him you love him & you want to work on the relationship.

National domestic violence hotline 800-799-SAFE.

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