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Hi takenmylifeback, you have more to gain when you leave a narcissist or sociopath, then you lose. Staying with a narcissist or sociopath narcissist you lose your identity, self worth, your life how you want & dream it to be, your children lose a peaceful & calm home upbringing etc. Leaving, yes, it’s not easy at first but long term you will be able to live a happy, peaceful, calm life…the life YOU dream of and your daughter too.

Dr Phil always states with regards to the children: “It’s better for kids to come from a broken home, then to live in a broken home.”. Powerful words.

You DONT Have to do everything alone hon (with regards to leaving him)…reach out to your family & trusted friends to help you with your packing & moving. And the Local abuse center for a Safety & Exit plan out. I felt like you when I was still with my h (now ex). I felt so isolated that I could not think myself out.

But all I had to do was reach out to my family & friends and the abuse center. Which I did not at the time…wish I would have. Remember abusers mentally & physically isolate their target victims to have control over them. This is just a mind set…just reach for your phone & call your family & trusted friends to tell them you need help out. And go to the abuse center & ask them for help with a Safety & exit plan out.

Glad you are reading up on custody. Also check with the local abuse center in your families state (if that is where you would rather live) and get state law advise from them.

For instants which state you divorce in is based on your “residency State requirement”, Meaning you have to live in a state for so long i.e. 60 days to say 6 months to be able to file in that state. But in a few states they have a 1 day “residency requirement” if you are living in a abusive relationship & file divorce that way. So check to see if they have something like this with regards to child custady in your families state (you had mentions that’s where you want to live in one of your post).

One day at a time…some days one hour or minute at a time. 🌴💜🌴

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