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I have never allowed him to have full say over me. I had to set those boundaries a while back …We don’t go through each others phones or emails …We have separate profiles on our laptop. And separate facebook pages. He has always fought with me on putting his last name on my Facebook but I refused no matter how mad he got. I also don’t allow him to tell me I can’t go somewhere same for me I don’t mind him going places… neither of us go out much anyway though

These are the reasons I say I don’t thi k he is a narc or sociopath BUT with that being Said if He doesn’t get his way it gets bad! Fits and name calling degrading me etc.

I know we need out I just wish there was a way to do it like a normal couple
But he acts like he really loves his daughter which is surprising because he hardly has anything to do with her when he is here. She has to beg for him to play with her be sure he is so preoccupied with video games

I will be leaving with just a couple of bags… the rest will be trashed I’m sure ..
I don’t have anyone to help and if he new I was leaving we would have this same fight all over again

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