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Thank for the encouragement.
I am doing the NC, it’s very difficult. Thoughts keep racing through my head on how I could have, would have, should have. I’m not to blame for his actions or reactions. Nor am I responsible for making excuses for him anymore.

I have strayed from my primary purpose of coming back to my hometown; to make amends with my family, and to repair the relationships with them. Especially my son. My Mother said he may not want to. I’m not going to push it.

I’m a little bit better at the moment. Normalcy is something I used to pretend I had, but I’m enjoying just doing mundane things like laundry and not have to run right back to where he can “keep his eye on me”.
I still have that feeling like someone punched me in the gut, but I’m hopeful with time, like in my other recovery, this too shall pass. Abstinence worked in that aspect, as it will for this.

I will look into the book you suggested.

Thank you, I appreciate everyone’s feedback.

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