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HI Thirdtimelucky, I’m sorry that you did in fact find out he is married. But, this information helped you to see the truth & now you can slam the door on him for good.

YES, a sociopath will always attempt to come back into a past targets life if the target lets them. This is where it is important to slam the door shut when ever he tries to suck you back into to his con game. Some times it takes years for a sociopath to return, some times months.

You are making remarkable steps to get him out of your life for good. Its good that you are moving. I would recommend that you check with the Motor vehicle office to see if you can have your address not listed as public info. Today with internet access it is very easy to gain info over the net including address & phone numbers. So he maybe able to locate you via the net. Not sure if the Motor vehicle office can help. Also you can check with the National Domestic Violence hotline 800-799-SAFE for more info as well as your local abuse center. (get their # from the hotline).

What he states is insanity!!

“he rest of the letter vents his anger at my insistence on a pre nuptial agreement (I told him that was not prepared to get married or live with him without one. His comments in his final email were: “it is emotional terrorism and emotional blackmail. A stupid agreement. Two people in love must give each other every dollar if needed.”

Crazy talk. This is what they do. First they will love bomb you in attempt to get you back under their mind control, when that does not work they use “sociopath pity play” (google), when that does not work they use anger, intimidation, fear…what ever it takes. Glad you were strong and see the truth with him now. You just have to laugh at his attempts = “emotional terrorism and emotional blackmail”…honestly this is nuts. He has dropped his mask into his insane mindset. Imagine what he is telling (yelling) his wife everyday.

You state:

“I have not responded and not going to, but just want to know if this is likely to be the end.”

SMART MOVE!!! Keep the no contact rule in place now that you gave his car back & have zero ties to him.

look into a home security system for your new home either with a company or you install yourself such as the ones at HomeDepot or Lowes (start at $15 per door, use batteries & are easy to install with just a screwdriver).

Keep a journal. If you see anything out of place in your home or yard or car write it down in a journal. Sometimes sociopath will use gas lighting abuse to mess with a former target such as moving lawn furniture or doing something to their car etc. If your gut is telling you he is in your home, yard, car or neighborhood LISTEN TO YOUR GUT it is NEVER wrong.

Watch the video: “Oprah Gavin Debecker you tube” (with regards to listening to your gut alarm & his book The Gift of Fear is a must read…maybe your local library has it.

Make sure your son knows never to leave with this man. i.e. if he is playing in the yard etc. Tis might not ever happen but you must be 10 steps ahead of a sociopath. Better to be proactive for safety. If you had this man down as a “emergency contact” for your son’s school be sure to remove his name at the school.

This is most likely true:

“My counsellor did not think he’d bother with me again as he would be too scared to rock his real family in another town (as he protected the secret at all costs, I did not confront him with evidence I got).”

With the exception, if his wife finally sees the truth & wants a divorce. Then this guy may try to get you back. Sociopath hate to be alone & if he does not have anyone in his hook he may come around to see if you will take his bait again.

How are you doing emotionally?? You have had a lot happen with this guy…finding out he is married & after your money & that you were lied to & conned by him.

Glad you are safe & making such great strong steps getting this guy out of your life for good.

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