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I know when I stopped all contact I would literally have good ‘moments’, not even days, really. It changed from moment to moment. Then it did turn into days, weeks, months, and now it is a complete non-thing. I have zero feeling toward that relationship or person. But it took a considerable amount of determination and time.

I found myself processing many of my past relationships with this new knowledge, and I came to understand how I had been involved with a bunch of personality disordered people. Family, friends, and lovers.

Breaking my OWN pattern of attraction was painful, and made me very vulnerable and insecure. But the great news is that having done so has now had the opposite effect, and I am happy, secure, and feeling infinitely more grounded in my own being-ness.

Hang in there. Make sure you sleep as much as you are able. Eat. Try to move some, and just treat yourself well. You need to rejuvenate from all that taking and hurting he dished out.


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