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Thank you for interpreting his letter for me. I was feeling as if someone dropped a bucket of cow’s manure on my head when I first read it I’ve re-read it a few times since and see what you mean by it being impersonal and using projection. However, he made me feel like a bad guy for a day: he said “you never explained what was wrong”. This is true. I did not confront him with evidence of his lies as it would reveal that I have been using private investigator to track him and dig into his background. As SP can be dangerous, my counsellor and solicitor thought it was safer for me to keep this information to myself. So I have to remind myself that I do not owe him honesty considering how he has been behaving with me for over 4 years (including proposing/giving me an engagement ring and wanting to move his (assume 2nd set of) clothing into my place. How dare he, seriously. But this is just the man he is – it is like a jigsaw puzzle coming together. E.g. my mum was rushed into emergency with a stroke but he “had to leave for the airport”. I checked flight app – and there was no flight to the city he was supposed to fly to (that day was a public holiday, so presumably he was with his family and juggled morning with me and my parents, evening them). Disgusting to think about it (and my parents were charmed by him, thought he was making me happy).

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