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Thank you. I learnt my lesson with keeping him away. When I first had some info about his lies, I let him to talk me into “I just own a house with my old girlfriend, we had no sex for 7 years. Just need to wind up an old family trust I have with her, then I can move out”. This was 8 months ago and I took a chance on him. 3 months ago I did more surveillance and background checks and all the lies came out, everything: where he was born, year he was born (he is in fact a lot older than me, 15 years. Not 8 as he told me). Where he went to school, prior marriages I did not know about, the list continues. So whilst I have moments when I miss him (we had this most amazing sexual chemistry), I keep looking at the PI reports, showing him doing things with his wife whilst texting me about working on some assignment in the middle of the bush. Just have to remind myself that the man I loved did not exist, he was a Phanthom of my imagination.

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