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It has been a roller coaster for sure but such an amazing experience with the shelter and the road trip to be honest. Now is the time to put my big girl pants on and fight for my baby girl. In my gut I feel it will go my way but I believe the universe will do what is best for her. What happens in the end is what is supposed to happen I will do everything I can to prove my side and pray for the best.
It’s hard to believe that I left sometimes and think about going back often but deep down I never want to live that life again and I truly am scared of him. I feel in my heart he has thought about killing me. He has never really said so but small things he mentioned at times lead me to believe he is capable. I am afraid that one day when I have to face him he would be capable of doing away with me and then he gets full custody. I also feel he will neglect her when he has her for visitation because he always hated when she asked for things or attention. Please let’s just pray for the what’s best for my baby girl ❤
Thank you for your kind words and the information you gave me on no contact .
I have replied to 4 of his 1000 emails in a month and a half, and 2 of them were per the restraining order.
I am doing pretty well considering I left in fear of my life and once this is all over I will be able to truly work on myself for once 😊

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