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***Hello Everyone***

Trust in the process-My mantra when my mind wanders off.

I deleted every text he ever sent, yes, even the locked ones, it was so scary-dating back to 2016! I read a few from back then, I read between the lines…Wow! It startled me to see how it really was. Never again, will I enable, be co-dependent to, or dismiss every red flag, and live in his fantasy world that he creates for his love-bombing act. **Notice I didn’t say my fantasy…It’s all his women.**

Anyways, I have been keeping a journal and on our first dinner date I recalled something that just turns my blood cold.

So, on our first date towards the end of dinner, I said OMG you had chased me all that time back in the day..”Are you getting back at me?” “Do you have ulterior motives?” He looked me right in the fucking eye and was so genuine, took my hand in his, and replied “Why would I ever try to hurt you?”

That’s sick, HE”S sick

2 weeks, 3 days

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