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Kris922, I’m so sorry that you are in such emotional pain right now. It’s awful to feel so much anxiety when during with/leaving a sociopath. You should be so proud of yourself for cutting ties & following the No contact rule!! This is powerful! You are taking your power back from him!!

he is not who you think he is, it was all a con game to him, to suck you in, get what he wanted, i.e. place to live, sex, money what ever and now he has a new supply that he is scamming too!. Feel sorry for her but also thank your lucky stars that he dropped you & is now with her. She helped you escape his grips without her ever knowing it. In time you will see this. In time you will see she too is a victim of this sociopath.

YOU ARE FREE FROM HIM!! Your mind is free from his brain washing!! You are free!!

Thank goodness!!

Now is the hard part…keep the door shut on him…he will most likely be back to get something from you…maybe a week, month, year who knows…this is the time you educate yourself & get your health back in order so that you are STRONG to keep him out for good. He is NO GOOD…there is nothing about him that is good…nothing!!

You know this already.

On your darkest days & nights come here & vent or write in a journal so that you will not call him. If you go back to him he will DISCARD you again! and again! and again! That is what sociopaths love to do = break someones spirit over & over.

YOU know this!

It’s so hard when you first leave. Right now your cortisol levels are threw the roof and this is causing your anxiety. Look into Adrenal fatigue as the root issue of this cortisol levels. See sites like Adrenal fatigue .org & Dr Lam. com see the symptoms list on each.

This anxiety level (cortisol level) is difficult to deal with but with time it will subside. If it does not see an Endocrinologist doctor to test you for vitamin/mineral deficiency, cortisol levels and hormonal imbalance.

Read everything here at Lovefraud too, including:

sociopath smear campaign
Sociopath triangulation
No contact rule


You deserve so much more then what you were settling for with him. Thank your lucky stars you escaped his evil grips!!

Hugs to you!💜

take care,

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