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Blindedbylove3, You’re Welcome! Glad you posted. It does help tremendously, just to vent things out of your mind, when dealing with the initial phase of the No contact rule. SO just keep posting, even if someone doesn’t respond right away, you have cleared your mind = gives you some peace & calmness.

Yes, all of these sociopaths have common threads to their behavior = so bazar how their brains work. It’s like they all read the same text book on how to manipulate good kind hearted people.

During the nightmare of the relationship with a sociopath you (we all) felt so alone…so it is so comforting to know, not only do we have an answer to their bazar behavior, (they are a sociopath), but to have this wonderful site to connect with other victims to lift us up in our darkest days & nights.

I always say that, the sociopaths of this world never counted on victims lifting each other up, nor did they count on Donna Anderson & Terry to educate us all on the nightmare that we were dealing with.

So glad you found out the truth about this guy and found your way here to this wonderful site called Lovefraud.

Wishing you all the best!

Take care.

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