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Dear Slimone,

Thanks a lot for the response. This is the only website that brought clarity to everything that I have been going through. To answer your questions;

1. Do you feel better, smarter, and more entitled to everything? I am assertive, that’s for sure. I am able to express myself but I take time to listen to other people’s opinions.

Do you care about your baby, or is he a prop, just another event in your life? I really care about my baby. I haven’t see him since July 2017 and I am worried the emotional pain is slowly turning into a wound. I am unable to access him since I don’t know where they stay and the relatives are taking me in circles.

Do you hold most other people in contempt? No.

Do you think other people are only here to give you whatever you want, whenever you want it? I stand up for myself and I work hard for what I want. I’ve discovered that sometimes I get manipulative which I always assumed it’s normal.

Do you intentionally hurt other people, and feel glad of it? No. Even now I feel so guilty for the insults unleashed on the father of my son and relatives when I was really really hurting. Most of the time when I reflect I realize I could have handled the situation better but when you’re in pain/hurting especially around a child you love so much it was hard for me to control myself.

Do you pick on people who are closest to you in order to spark a fight? No.

I guess, basically, I think if you want to know if you are are narcissist or sociopath you would need a therapist to help you understand yourself? I’ve done several online tests and I score between 50-60%. Like the website says it takes time to find a therapist who’s dealt with personality disorders but I’ll surely ask around for one.

We can all do immature things, things we may look back on later in our lives and not be proud of. We also make different choices, depending on our particular generation. For example, multiple sexual partners is more accepted now than it was even a decade ago. So, those things don’t make us disordered? This is true.

Your baby’s daddy sounds angry, impulsive, jealous, and inconsiderate if your portrait of him is accurate.

The problem is, when you come onto a site and ask if you are a sociopath, then it is difficult for other readers of the blog to trust your descriptions, thinking you may be a sociopath, here to lie, stir up trouble, and gain attention? Initially I wanted to blame him 100% for everything that happened but as time goes by I have to reflect and check whether I have a log in my eye. What you say is true. I tried my best to highlight the things that were initial red flags but I ignored.

Only you know if this is why you are here…I have a lot to learn. The last one and a half years have been turbulent and sometimes you get information overload. For now writing it down helps me to analyze myself before I find a professional I can work with. I’m also looking for a way to access my son without feeding my ex desire to hurt me more.

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