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You’re so welcome. Been there too. It’s awful to feel run down (burnt out). Yes, at 21 years of age she should have a lot of energy. Glad she told you what was going on with her health. This is a good step for her to get out, without her even realizing it. Her mind is trying to put two & two together about what is going on.

Have her also google:

“Dr Fuhrman Eat to Live You tube”. He is a very good doctor who follows what he preaches. He is college friends with Dr Oz. And Dr Oz follows his health food plan.

“Dr Amen you tube”. He is a brain specialist and therapist, who has conducted over 80,000 brain scans. He has countless NY Times best seller books (your library may have them) and has many videos on line. He has one on depression google “Dr Amen Depression you tube”.

Before she changes anything have her consult a doctor first.

She has a loving mother, and her body is giving her warning signs which just might leader her out of this relationship. Look at Steven Hassan’s site Freedom of mind and find his video about his experience being sucked into a cult during college & his family helping him out when he broke his leg. Steven Hassan is a cult & domestic abuse expert. Remember this man that has your daughter is a cult leader & your daughter his cult follower. SO you need to be careful not to bond her with him but instead with you & your family.

Wishing you & your daughter all the best.

Take care.

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