Reply To: why would you say she is run down?



There are no Rx drugs that heal Adrenal fatigue. A good clean diet such as Dr Fuhrman’s Eat to live will flood the body with much needed vitamin/mineral deficiency that she is most likely experience due to stress from her relationship, plenty of sleep, which is nearly impossible when in a toxic relationship, plenty of rest & relaxation, vitamin & minerals (with testing vitamin/mineral testing), possible hormone replacement (with testing) (there are natural hormones vs man made hormone replacement look into this if her test are showing she needs replacement).

Check with a doctor Endocrinologist & also maybe a nutrientist (sp??) to give her guidance. This is also a good time to find a counselor who is extremely knowledgable with domestic abuse (not all of them are) and just have this counselors in ready standby incase SHE ASKED to see a counselor.

On the first page of Lovefraud (yellow box) Donna has posted info. Do a search on Mary Ann Glenn here on love fraud. Donna has posted an interview with Mary Ann and she is excellent. Mary Ann Glenn has periodic free counseling internet group sessions and so you might want to contact Mary Ann to see if she can help your daughter ONLY IF YOUR DAUGHTER ASK FOR HELP OR SHE HAS LEFT HER ABUSER. DONT PUSH HER TO SEE A COUNSELOR, again you dont want to bond her to her abuser. This is all just in ready stand by if your daughter’s health gets better & she starts to see her boyfriend is abusing her or if she asks for your help to find a counselor to help her.

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