Reply To: Obsession with WHY



i really feel for what you area going through. i’m only 2 weeks out and broke no contact once and i found myself right back in the midst of his control. first know that you are an addict and will need to find a better focus for your happiness. second – talk about it. read all the suggestions here, read about sociopaths and how they manipulate and control you, then go and talk about it to people who understand. a counselor, a therapist, an online support group. realize that you do not deserve this. get mad that your life was hijacked by something that feels no remorse, lies to your face and disrespects you as a human. get people on your side. i am also on a prescription for depression, but i also take herbals to help with what that doesn’t control. look into valerian root or kava kava, and my dr. suggested l-theanine. the valerian has been a god send for my anxiety and panic.

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