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thirdtimelucky…I’ve been following your story and personally understand how difficult it is to get the narc out of our system. Thankfully, we are all in this “together” when we are members of Lovefraud. It’s very supportive to keep reading these posts to remind ourselves that we can heal and move forward with our lives. We can be happy and free from narcissistic abuse by staying No Contact, no matter what. One thing that has helped me, and might help you, is to Google “Pathological Loneliness”, which if I understand it correctly, it’s really the same thing as “abandonment” issues. These feelings of abandonment and pathological loneliness is what causes the excruciating withdrawal – or loneliness – we feel when the Narc is no longer in our life. The withdrawal is very real. Stay Strong, thirdtimelucky! I’m glad you have moved a long distance away from him and are surrounded by people who care about you. Call one of your nearby friends for support. Use this time alone to deepen relationships with your true friends who love and support you, and to deepen your relationship with you, thirdtimelucky. With love ….

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