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Thank you for your advice I am trying, I have arranged to meet a friend of mine over Easter, a guy I have known for a while, it seems to have blossomed into maybe something more, so I told the sociopath I couldnt message any more as I had some one else and typically he is coming over all nice, messaging me more like he used to, we were messaging yesterday just about the weather, gossip about some local news I said that I was going offline, heading for the shop, he replied ‘Don’t miss me too much’ and with that one line managed to undo all my admittedly fragile resolve, how do they do that? So today, back to square one, no contact I really hope I can manage it, it does help to read all the replies and blogs on here, there just still seems a gulf between what I know I should do, and what I feel capable of doing at the minute

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