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Hi Cnd73, sending you hugs! 💜

I want you to know:

The best thing that ever happened to you…is this sociopath discarding you!

The second best thing that every happened to you…is this sociopath moving in with this other woman!

Why? Because:



(read those two statements again)

I know, right now, you are in so much emotional & mentally pain. I know, right now, you have probably have been curled up in a fetal position sobbing endless….been there too…and it is an awful experience. 😟

But, with time, you will realize that you finding out that he was cheating , discard you, & finding Love fraud all are healing steps is a peaceful & calm life!

YES, loneliness is one of the worst feelings after a sociopath leaves us…but, if you look back, in the relationship with the sociopath, you will realize you were more lonely with him, then you are now by yourself. Think about that, think about your loneliness in your relationship with him.

During the painful loneliness stage for me after leaving I read a quote…

“You are never alone, your angels are always with you”.😇

That quote that moment, being so lonely, helped me put my prospective back in the right direction. After reading that quote, I listed my Angels in my mind…All my grandparents that had passed, an Aunt who had passed, My great grandparents (one I only met) etc. I felt at the moment that I was not alone. That they were surrounding me with love. That it was only a mindset of feeling alone.

I promise you this, with time, you will be thankful for your “alone” time. You will enjoy your own company once again.

With a sociopath, they manipulate us so much with their abusive words, that we feel we cant do anything on our own. This is not true! I bet, you were a strong person before him, that you enjoyed your own company, that you have goals, maybe hobbies, met friends out etc. So with time you will do these things again. And with time you will not feel lonely. I know this, for myself. After crawling out of a marriage I was lost…he had manipulated my mind so much, that I did not have “a direct”…I had lost who I was. I’m guessing this happened to you too.

When you have a break up, your body produces larges amounts of cortisol & adrenaline. This is what is causing your anxiety & depression.

Look into the symptoms of Adrenal fatigue. look at sites like Dr Lam. com & Adrenal Fatigue .org. Most victims (if not all) have PTSD when leaving a abusive relationship. I believe that the root issue physically of PTSD is Adrenal fatigue.

You should be so proud of yourself for having the gumption to kick this evil manipulative cunning sociopath out of your house!! BRAVO…you must laugh a little now at how his face looked when he had to pick up his suitcases 😜 = YOU TOOK YOUR POWER BACK FROM HIM BY KICKING HIM OUT OF YOUR HOUSE & YOUR LIFE!!!! 👏💪

You have made amazing steps out of this abusive relationship!!

Kicked him to the curb!

Researched his horrible traits which lead you to this wonderful site Lovefraud!

Had the courage to post your post today!


Keep reading everything here at Lovefruad. Donna’s site is EXCELLENT…read everything & analysis with your relationship, Sunnygal moves up posted daily, watch the videos up at the top of LF, and also do a search on Mary Ann Glenn and her video on “confusion” and also she has free internet group counseling that would be worth your time.

In addition most counselors will do a “SLIDING SCALE” payment…meaning they will lower their rates to adjust to what you can pay. Just ask them.

Look into your local abuse center to for free woman group meetings & counseling. Plus Look up at the top of LF under “Contact” then “Personal consultation” which might help you also.

Donna’s book Lovefraud 10 signs you are dating a sociopath is excellent and you might want to purchase it so that it will help you to understand what you endured & also for avoiding guys like this in your future.

We hear you!! We believe you!! You are not alone hon…keep posting here love fraud.

Wishing you all the best.

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