Reply To: Trying to recover after being discarded




Hang in there. It definitely takes time before you feel like a normal person, can eat, and get a solid 8 hrs of sleep. When we are deeply betrayed it is a huge shock to our psyche, and our body. We get pumped up on cortisol and adrenal. We lack oxytocin and the more calming neurotransmitters. So it is normal to feel kinda ‘jacked up’, even though it is obviously miserable.

So keep in mind when we cannot get enough sleep and nourishment we feel more unsettled and vulnerable. This is the part where you really have to weather the storm. Like in the old timey movies you have to tie yourself to the mast of the ship and ride it out.

It will pass. Bit by bit you will come back to yourself. Each time you do your appetite will improve. More hours of sleep will come. You will feel more in charge. But be gentle with yourself, it is NORMAL for it to take more time than you want (or even think you have!).

((hug)) Slim

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