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Good ‘handle’ to express how this level of deceit feels. You sound like you definitely ran up against a sociopath, with all the behaviors and hurt. I am sorry. It is gut wrenching to know you have simply been taken for a joy ride, when you thought it was love.

It is not uncommon (see new blog article about how we feel when we are targeted by these people) to find that we are overextending ourselves to accommodate their unexplained, or strangely explained, behaviors/absences/flare ups. We are trying to make sense of the incongruities and flimsy explanations they provide us, because we have fallen in love. We have been conned into giving them our time, talent, hearts, and thoughts of the future. They have been playing a game to get some energy, money, time, attention, validation, or ‘cover’ from us. Period.

Sadly, they cannot fall in love and care about our long-term happiness and security. They are just 100% incapable.

The only lasting path to healing from this garbage relationship is to totally give up on it, her, and any further contact. Zero. Just walk away. Learn the behaviors of these types to avoid future entanglements. Be willing to listen to your ‘gut’, as your head will not always guide you away from one of these energy suckers. But your gut will know something is ‘off’.

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