Reply To: Victim of a Female Sociopath




Thank you for your post. I will look into your suggestion about being ‘addicted to a sociopath”, which, coincidentally is another phrase she used very often about being “addicted to me.”

I wish there was something I could do to limit contact with her, but unfortunately that isn’t possible until school is over. Thankfully they are on break all next week, so I will have 9 days of No Contact after the interaction earlier today. It would be much easier if our kids weren’t friends, but I do not want either of them to see me be anything less than friendly in front of them. I may be broken and angry, and she may be a sociopath, but I will not allow anything to compromise my daughter’s views on how people should be treated.

That having been said, the toll it’s taken on me has already been more than I could have imagined. I’ve slept maybe 3-4 hours each night, haven’t eaten more than one meal a day, have no motivation and can’t stop obsessing over her. I’m sorry if that comes of as being whiny or over emotional, but damn. I don’t even recognize myself. The first 41 years of my life were a cakewalk compared to the last 4 days and thinking about how the last year was a complete lie.

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