Reply To: 7 Weeks with a Sociopath



Just an update, he is very mad at me as I am ignoring him. He told me a week ago he has been sectioned into hospital with his depression. I dont believe him as our local hospital which he says he is in has no long term stay mental health facilities, the nearest one is 15 miles away. Because I ignored him he sent me a picture of some harm he had done to himself, and told me he had also broken his knuckle and smashed his phone all because I wont talk to him (or believe his lies) I actually did message back that time to say no, i didnt make him do that. I felt I needed to get that across. So currently every few days I am getting ‘f you’ ‘why are you hurting me when I am ill?’ and other angry messages Im not replying to any. He is a stupid liar who wasnt even clever enough to do his research on local mental health provision enough to get his story accurate. I dont pity him any more I am actually finding him pathetic now. A sad little loser who can rant all he wants, I am just going to carry on ignoring him. As I am starting to feel better abd brighter by doing so

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