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You and I are in the same boat, here. It was 2014 for me. I was 48. She was 37. April 1st, 2014 was our first (fake) date, in fact.
I also went through your 72-hour education cramming on sociopaths, psychopaths, NPD, etc. following a simple online search after a long summer and fall of being manipulated, lied to, used and conned by this Pamela Anderson look-alike serpent.
All we can really do is chalk it up to “this is the brain she was given”. That’s my conclusion. I’m sorry you had to cross paths with this same kind of evil. If you are anything like me, it will take YEARS to recover, I’m sorry to say. 40 months later, I, myself, am only about halfway-ish back to being my old self. I have severe PTSD from it, but am improving. You saw her “cold, calculated stare”. Look up the “death stare”. It’s a REAL thing psychopaths do and I will NEVER forget when it happened to me. Oh, what a story I have.
I switched to a job 25 miles away. I even moved to a different home after a fluke encounter with her at a department store triggered me again after a 16-month run of NO contact.
I’m concerned about your child and her’s being friends. These evil doers can plant some very harmful lies into their children’s heads. At school year’s end, please consider making some major changes. The detailed explanation she gave you on shopping for Easter items when there’s the 800-pound gorilla standing right between you is a perfect example of her getting a psychopathic thrill out of the whole ordeal. I went through the same torment. If you feel yourself getting worse, try to keep in contact with me, I’d like to help you through this as well as I can. Yes, I completely understand when you say you are a train wreck at this point.
I was about a 9.5 in physical attractiveness BEFORE. Since, I’ve been lucky to brush my teeth ONCE a day. I shave about every TEN days, and take quick “whore’s baths” now and am 30 pounds heavier. HER 125 pounds I lost was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. Same for you! I wish you a VERY happy Easter and may this bring a new beginning of happiness to you from this day forward.

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