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Victimoffemale, heart wrenching to read you post. You sound like you are suffering from depression. This is very common & part of the PTSD.

Look into Adrenal fatigue symptoms.

Look at sites like: Adrenal fatigue. org and Dr Lam. com

both have sites. And see their symptoms list.

Look into also Dr Fuhrman EAT to live book. Google: “Dr Fuhrman PBS you tube” to watch his videos.

One of the biggest issues with adrenal fatigue is depression.

Flooding your body with vitamins & minerals is essential in fighting depression.

Google “Dr Amen depression you tube”.

Dr Amen is a leading brain expert. He has conducted over 80,000 brain scans and believes in natural methods vs RX drugs.

See his New York Times best seller books (your local library may have them).

Also Google “Dr Amen PBS you tube”

Endocrinologist doctors deal with the adrenal glands. So maybe find a recommendation for one & get tested for vitamin/mineral deficiency, hormonal imbalance, cortisol levels = all issues with adrenal fatigue.

Some symptoms of Adrenal fatigue:

racing mind, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, mood swings, lack of energy etc etc (see symptoms list on the sites listed above & on the net)

Dont let this sociopath control your life now. You have broken free of her…now is the time to get your life back!!

Take care.

(before you make any changes in your diet, check with a doctor & tell them what you wrote in your above post)..

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