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Hope4us, Follow Donna’s advise!! Call of this meeting asap!

He is sucking you back into his hellish world. Dont play his game! BLOCK HIM & follow the no contact rule.

Did you know that sociopaths literally can use trance & hypnosis to control someone?

So this is what you can expect him to do at this so called “meeting”. His agenda at this “meeting” is to suck you back into his hellish world. That is it, he will tell you he is “sorry” and what every else you want to hear…but it will ALL BE LIES OUT OF HIS MOUTH. You know he is a pathological liar (google this term) like all sociopaths!

5 years into my marriage I was done…he begged me to go to counseling with him, sobbing & crying the full bs pony show…I went to counseling only for him to manipulate the counselor & then break my spirit down even further, his control & abuse got a million times worse after this & I stayed another 7 years, even though I sat in the counselors office telling the counselor & my h (now ex) I wanted a divorce. That was my gut instinct kicking in by wanting a divorce. But I was talked out of it by him & the counselor. I had to crawl out of hell 7 years later. I was broken by then. Dont let this happen to you!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR GUT!! It is screaming to you to RUN FAST AWAY FROM THIS GUY…how do I know this? you came to Lovefraud for answers.

Listen to your gut!!

Google “Oprah Gavin Debecker you tube” to watch their video on listening to your gut. Your local library may have Gavin Debecker’s book The gift of fear.

Also buy Donna’s book Lovefraud 10 signs you are dating a sociopath so that you can always refer to this book when you have doubts about ending this relationship for good.

You already know what he is going to say to you at this “meeting = LIES, AFTER LIES, AFTER LIES.

Go back to the NO CONTACT RULE!! (read this rule again)

Wishing you the best!! Take care.

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  • This reply was modified 7 months, 3 weeks ago by  Jan7.

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