Reply To: Broke "no contact": how to get back on track?



Thirdtimelucky, Jan7, I wish I’d read your posts sooner, I met him and he came clean about some of the lies, apologised and admitted he’s a bad person. He also told me that he doesnt like my kids and that was why he wouldn’t move in or book a holiday, shame he didnt make an effort with them. He claims his Mum has cancer, and of course he’s been checked for STI’s because of me, ha ha. Great, now I also have worry of that. He wants to book couples counselling, I know it’s all wrong and I need to go cold turkey again. Thank you for your support I really appreciate it, I have isolated myself as a result of this relationship and have no one to turn to. I’m trying to make new friends, I am meeting my daughter’s friend’s mum today, she knows the situation but doesn’t fully understand. The hardest thing is to let go without having my say, but if that’s what it takes then I’ll write the letter and not send it. I’m supposed to meet him tomorrow, I’ll cancel following your advice. Thanks again for your support, thank God someone understands.

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