Reply To: Broke "no contact": how to get back on track?



[the outcome – and reinforcement why it is so important to stick to the NC rule]
Today (almost a week since my “happy Easter” text) I got a response which reminded me why NC rule is so important:
“Do not text me; you and I are not friends and never will be. I think you are low life, nothing more. Get on with your own miserable life. Stop pretending you care about my wellbeing. I am all over your games. I have never felt so used in my life (profanity omitted). On an off chance I ran into you, I shall totally ignore you”.
This is from a man who has led a double life in two different cities and tried to move in with me to (no doubt in my mind) have a claim to my assets.
However I am surprised by the degree of venom and that it took so long for him to respond in this manner, I.e. why respond to me at all.

It does not really matter – the key is to continue no contact and not respond to him.

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