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Thirdtimelucky, this sociopath is in panic mode that you will tell his wife about your 4 year affair with him (even though you had zero idea he was married). He is extremely cunning with this email.

My ex h did these same games with one of the woman that I caught him cheating with (while he said “she was after him”). He painted a masterful smear campaign against her in my head. No doubt he is doing the same to his wife incase you do come forward and he is no doubt lovebombing her right now. This is what my ex did.

DO NOT TAKE HIS WORDS ABOUT YOU SERIOUSLY. This guy just dropped his mast to show you who he really is = mean, cunning, manipulative.

Thank your lucky stars that you are out of his life! And thank your lucky stars that you peace together who he is = sociopath!

Look up the term:

Sociopath projection
(this is what he is doing by flipping everything around on you)

Sociopath blame shifting

IGNORE THIS EMAIL!! Do not take anything he said in this email to heart. Move on with your new life without him & his ranting bs knowing that you know he is a sociopath.

Hugs to youđź’ś

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