Reply To: Broke "no contact": how to get back on track?



Hi Hope4us, good job blocking him & starting the No contact rule again.

They know how to use words to manipulate everyone. This is why it is vitally important NOT to listen to their lying manipulating voice mails. It’s all the same song & dance from them to suck everyone into their con game. You know this!! You get it!

YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON!!! Yes, they target good, kind hearted, hard working, mature people.

how to you stop the smear campaign?

You tell your friends that he is a con artist and has been lying to you & everyone since day one. Give them a few examples. You can say that you believe he is a sociopath con artist. This will not only protect you but it will plant the seed in everyones mind that they need to be on guard with this guy…and once they see him drop his mask they WILL realize you did tell them the truth.

You are taking great steps to get this guy out of your life and your kids lives. Know this!! It seems your kids see the red flags with this guy…I always believe you must listen to kids & pets as they listen to their gut vs following social norms of being polite to everyone. This is something that adults need to pay more attend to = drop social norms “you need to be nice to everyone” and just follow your gut instinct.

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