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Hi Thirdtimelucky, you’re so welcome. good job blocking him again. I think sometimes it takes that one last time to see their mask slip & show you their very dark side before you can walk away for good. This Easter text might be your last time before you truly slam the door on him forever.

You State:

“Perhaps his wife found something out (E.g. when the company car that I returned turned up, it had registration in my state. He’d also have to explain my gifts (unless he sold them).”

This is so possible. Remember his wife is trying to dissect his lies & mind games just like you had to do. She wants out no doubt but has not found out that he is a sociopath like you did. With time & the heavens she too will learn the truth. Maybe even give you a call to ask you questions to open up her mind to the truth. Who knows.

You state:

“On a side note, the vile words he used on me are the same that I’ve heard in reference to his wife no 2 and mother of his daughter (to who he was not married).”

It’s so crazy that all these sociopaths use the same manipulative word play book. I have read these same things on several support sites. Unbelievable, crazy, scary!!

I’m with you, when I read most post, I’m like YEP, my ex did the SAME things!! Same WORDS!! So so so crazy. I wonder if there is a site that they learn some of these things to mess with their mates.

You state:

“He also described his daughter as such (she tracked him down after 23 years, the fathering lasted 18 months before he told her to get lost – “she is a user; low life”. What I find strange in that situation – he introduced his daughter to me, not to his wife. He also told daughter he just had a room in a friend’s house, obviously was keen to keep his real life under the wraps.

I also see a pattern of his behaviour now: cheats on wife no 1 with the mother of his daughter. Has a daughter whilst still married on wife no 1. When his daughter is 8 months old, divorces wife no 1, marries wife no 2 (who he started going out with when his daughter was 6 months). Gets together with the current wife during divorce from wife 2 (he mentioned his current wife was a colleague. Probably had an affair). If I did not find out about his other life, I’d be the next victim in this chain of events.”

YES…they will use the same pattern of words & behavior on every target victim. Why? because they are lazy & it worked once so they use it again. If you wondering what your ex is doing now…well just look at the beginning of your relationship and that is what his new target vicim is being told.

You state:

“My prayers go out to his current wife, a poor exploited woman.”

ME TOO!! Prays to her that she will learn the truth = he is a sociopath.

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