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Hi thirdtimelucky, yes, sociopaths are masters of manipulation, not only in counseling, but when you get home, they use all that they learned by watching & mimicking the counselor on you. This happened with me during marriage counseling with my ex, who begged me to stay & go to counseling. When the counselor was catching on to who he was (or at least seeing glimpse of his lies), on the car ride home he would continually repeat “Don’t trust this counselor” (like 100 times during the ride home) which I know now he was brain washing me!!

My mind was so twisted up during marriage counseling…not one counselor, we went to several, ever told me I was dealing with a sociopath, despite me listing EVERY trait of a sociopath i.e. lacks remorse, lies, uses manipulation etc etc. I had no idea that I was repeating traits of a sociopath. The counselors lack understanding not only of how to spot a vicim of sociopathic abuse, but also how to spot a sociopath, even when right under their nose. I stayed 7 more years in hell despite reaching out for help at counseling. On top of that not one of the counselors ever asked me if I was being abused. Never explained what mental, emotional or verbal abuse really is. I feel like they failed me, I was reaching out for help and they never help. Yet, when I finally left & found a new counselors, that counselor told me within 20 mins, that I was dealing with a sociopath just by me explaining what I had been dealing with daily & why I packed the car & left him without him knowing.

It hurts deeply that those counselors did not help me out of hell. This is why I empathizes to everyone to go to individual counseling (and best without the mate knowing) not marriage counseling. I read many articles when I first left my ex about the same = NEVER EVER go to counseling with a sociopath = you leave emotionally & mentally drained and they use everything they learn in counseling to further destroy you. It’s heart breaking to think about that time.

These sociopaths know who they are. They know they are sociopaths. My ex like yours, knew who he was. The fact that you ex said he had a ” Masters of Psychology” is a HUGE RED FLAG that you are dealing with a sociopath!

YES Thirdtimelucky… he did not have a “degree in Psychology” but he did master the art of screwing with everyones mind…that is what he most likely meant when he told you that he had a “degree”.

My ex told me when we first met that he had read “all the psychology books”, which was not even in his career field…Its crazy that they all say these things!! My ex went on to tell me that he had all the “books in his home library”. When I finally made my escape I went into his office and looked around at all the book shelves and could not find one book on psychology. Everything he said to me in the beginning was to Fu*k with my mind!! Just like yours. (sorry for the bad language but that is the only way to describe what they do to you).

Yep, your ex is masterful at sociopath projection!

Such a crazy world we live in. So much destruction by these sick sick twisted dead souls.

Glad you see the truth now. Glad you found your way to this wonderful site, Lovefraud.

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