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About a week since I kicked the sp out. Looking back, the best thing would be if he didn’t actually hurt my dog and I got him out for good. But I know he very well he may have hurt my poor puppy. I think I am now past the point of researching the characteristics of the sp. I know he is one. 100 percent sure. I am going to church tonight to help me on my way to recover. I think maybe it is good that if this had to happen that it happened now and not 15 years from now when I would have had all my retirement money to give. I certainly learned a lesson here but wish I never would have learned it at all. Some things I thought about this week included how I would have to try to explain to him the basic importance of principles of trust and honesty and responsibility like I was talking to a five year old. Makes me chuckle a little about how inept he is. How many times I remember saying to him, “i don’t know why you don’t understand this.” And how he would say, “thirty thousand dollars is not really a lot of money.” This coming from a man who has no house, car, or regular employment. And one last thing. He brought up on several ocassions the topic of suicide. I am not sure if this was to mess with my head or forewarn me by saying that if he ever went to prison for a long time he would kill himself. As in don’t do it to me or else. Not sure. Just all in all disturbing. The whole experience has been very traumatic. But I am starting to move on.

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