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PARTING WORDS suggestions: Donna/Jan/others I would like some suggestions please on what words to say to my daughter when she leaves for her 6 mth overseas trip. We won’t go to the airport to see her/them off. We will have a family dinner at our house on Wed (without him). She leaves on Friday.

What I want to say and what I will say are very different.
The usual parting comments, ‘have a good time’, ‘have a fun trip’, ‘travel safe’, etc just won’t do.
‘You are making a big mistake and I wish you would listen to your intuition!’ won’t do either (that is a joke, I wouldn’t say that but it’s what I feel)
(as is ‘he is a lying manipulating bastard and he is the last person on this earth we would want you to travel with. you are not safe and we cannot trust him with you!’)

so something true, but kind. ‘Bye we love you’.
‘I love you. We will miss you’

What do you think? Suggestions on what to say please.

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