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Freedomformydaughter, I thought I was in a abusive relationship during the time with my ex. But I was simply, not educated, on what was emotional, mental, verbal, financial abuse. Had I prior, to ever getting tangled up with my ex, I would have ran the second he started is mind games. This is why it’s important to give her this info.

But also, DO NOT FIGHT WITH HER over this info. If she becomes angry or upset then back off. Simply plant the seeds in her mind. She will when she is ready, research this info that you planted in her mind. Remember her mind is not her own…her bf controls it. Her once highly function brain in all regions has been shut down to only a few sections working. Those sections are limited on what she can take into her my to analyze and process. So just again let her know you love her unconditionally. If she becomes angry at you for giving this info, just tell her you love her unconditionally & SHE (obviously not the BF) has a place if things dont work out on this island. Dont push her away instead pull her towards you & your husband if she sees his mask slip on this island. With what you describe they have given up their apartment in your city and how are embarking not this trip. So she may feel stuck on this trip because she has no place to return to if things dont work out. Give her an Exit plan options = a place for HER to come home to!!

You can tell her the National Domestic Hotline has free counselors she can talk with USA 800-799-SAFE. In the country that she is going to you can look this number up so she has that number too.

Hugs to you!!

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