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Altered reality,

Wow. If you are able to work out, more power to you. That’s great. Hopefully, you might get out of this better than we thought. Do NOT take these people lightly just because you had a one-day experience with her that wasn’t “awful or traumatic”. The fact that she had so many “complaints” over her break fits perfectly into the NPD/spath’s character.
There have been many movies and books done on considerably LESS than what happened to me. I was psychologically abused for a year by an upright-walking snake who rivals Pamela Anderson in looks. Manipulation. compulsive lying. Controlling. Love bombing. You name it.
I read where a doc did an in-depth study on psychopaths and concluded that their favorite tactic was to “gain our sympathy” via a web of convincing lies. Watch yourself. Your little walk back to the car together listening to her complaining could’ve been warning signs for you. Yes, the Gray Rock method sounds like the way to go if you absolutely must be in her presence.
I absolutely CANNOT and WILL NOT be in my abuser’s presence.
She tricked me into buying her a fully loaded sports sedan not to mention quite a bit of cash totaling 35 grand. I had set my mind on buying a car for a needy family that was having a hard time making ends meet. She played me like a Stradivarius just for sick thrills. I’ve been in the depths of PTSD ever since.
I’m still furious that she continues to fly under the radar as a COVERT narcissist and has completely “gotten away with it”.
Imagine how I felt knowing she drove that car straight home to the husband she “didn’t have” after pulling off a con of a lifetime. Attorneys tell me I have “no case” because there’s no law against “accepting” gifts. That was salt poured directly into my wound. Good luck to you and AVOID her at all costs. Trust me.

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