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Thank you fellow forum helpers. No I am not speaking to him. I am done forever. Took about ten different times to finally say adios for good. I went to the bank today and asked them what I could do with one check he had written me exactly one year ago. They basically told me I was out of luck and that its too old. Grrrr. I didnt really think i would see any money from him but hoped i could add a charge on his record. I am reading psychopath free which i am finding insightful. The whole way he would always compare me to his “terrible” mother and “controlling” ex girlfriend all the time. And then when i would start acting in a way he didnt like or question him he would put me down by saying i was like them. And the word salad and trying to bring things around to being my fault. So terrible. Now, i work in the helping field and have had some although limited work with persons with aspd. Why in school and in treatment and in public are not all of these shared characteristics addressed. Seriously, all i have ever learned or been taught is they “lack empathy” and can be manipulative.” Everyone should talk more about how they do what they do so maybe there would be a greater understanding and therefore better protection or preparation for all. The look on the bank lady’s face when i told her what happened to my money said it all. As she shook her head in disappointment. Thanks lady that is so not what i needed right now lol! .

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