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You could file suit in small claims court, get a judgement against him, and if he ever has any money you could levy on wages or take similar action. However, you might not win in a civil action; he may never have money so you’ll never collect; there may be other creditors he owes money to ahead of you; and most important: you are most likely better off overall if you don’t have that kind of contact with him and continue to be linked to him in any way. Your well being is more important.

It sounds like you’re doing great getting yourself free and recovering from the harm he caused. It is so painful and a lot hard work. It is normal to leave an abuser many times, as you experienced, before a victim leaves ‘for good.’

In addition to this wonderful site, Lovefraud, you might find some additional good information here: http://saferelationshipsmagazine.com/who-does-that-part-1-3

Could you explain more about how you felt about the bank teller’s reaction, and what would have been more helpful?

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