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Freedomformydaughter, I’m sorry you & your husband’s hearts are breaking over this trip. It’s a heart wrenching situation, but this trip could turn out to be a major blessing.

I would highly recommend that you keep in contact weekly (daily) with your daughter via emails (if she has access to a computer) or if not by sending her letters.

In the letters/emails you can keep her in the loop of what you & your family are doing each week. Even if nothing is going on let her know this. This will keep her tied to her family & most importantly planting the seeds that you love her & that she has a place to return to. Remember the first thing a abuser does to their target vicim is isolates them from their family. Sending letters/emails keeps her connected to her family = a blessing.

When you are in this type of relationship, you are broken down emotionally to a point you think no one loves you including your own family because the abuser has twisted your mind up to think this way.

So again, use this time wisely. It’s a great opportunity to send emails/letters with loved filled in them. You can chat about what it was like to hold her the very first time in the hospital, or what you remember of her growing up, have your husband also post in these letters & siblings too. ALL of this will help to open up her mind. You can even inclose a pictures of her with you, your husband, siblings, family, friends pet etc daily or weekly. Talking about who she was prior to this relationship will hopefully make her realize she has changed dramatically and maybe giver her the strength to start doing the things & routines she did growing up.

In addition, you can phase a question (questions help open up the mind by making the abuse victim think on her own) that will help open up her mind. Just one question in each letter.

PLEASE READ STEVEN HASSAN’S BOOK Combating Cult Mind Control, by Steven Hassan. IF you do a search in the upper right hand corner of Lovefraud you will find Donna’s write up on this magnificent book. HE is the one that suggest that you ask questions. This I remember during my nightmare personally helped. When a friend or family member asked me a question (which at the time they had no idea that i was in a abusive relationship) those questions stuck in my mind. They were light bulb moments…bread crumbs for finding my way out. Those questions are the ones now that I realized I was breaking free from the brain washing & mind control.

I cant stress enough about the brain washing & mind control your daughter is under right now by her bf. This is where you come into play by writing letters/emails with one question. This just might be her escape out of this abusive relationship. Set all any anger or frustration you have had/have about this relationship & just show her unconditional love & support.

Hugs to you & your family!! 💜

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  • This reply was modified 10 months, 2 weeks ago by  Jan7.

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