Reply To: 7 Weeks with a Sociopath



So here I am again, discarded. After my last post he and I had a vicious online argument in which I told him him I knew he was lying about being in hospital and he could rot in hell, and he told me to go die and threatened to tell family things about m e and said sO was too needy. We then ‘made up as he said he wanted a fresh start with me, is both taking care of each other properly. He started asking if we could meet in the pub for an hour (me paying) and stopped asking for cash handouts. We went to the pub every night for the last week, and a couple of times went to his and had sex. Two days ago he actually messaged me and asked me to go his and chill with a brew, and watch tv, which we have never done before so I thought it was good he was making an effort rather than just asking for money, or us just having sex and remember he had told me he was in hospital for the 2 weeks before so we had never really just hung out before.
He didn’t attempt to kiss me or anything whilst I was round there but I thought it was because he was making an effort to be friends as well as lovers.
So yesterday he messaged, the day after I was at his, it was urgent, he had an appointment in town 7 miles away. could I lend him 20 pound, and when he got back from his appointment he wanted me to go his, watch a movie, chill out, he would get takeaway..which he has never asked before, normally I am there for an hour at most I said how can I trust you and he promised in a series of messages that he wouldn’t let me down, So I walked to his, gave him 20 pound, waited to hear from him…..nothing. Nothing all night, he wasn’t active in messenger, nothing this morning and what’s so stupid is I knew from being in this site what he is, what would happen, and I still fell for it.
Two days before the day he asked me to chill at his he messaged me to say his messages weren’t getting through could I delete our conversations at my end as that night help? I suspected then he was up to something. He said he wasn’t deleting at his end just needed me to do so to try and sort out the ‘glitch’ So I did, but unknown to him, I screenshot every single message from the past 2 months, all his love messages, all his lies, all the convos about me and him in bed…just in case.
So I have blocked him, and yet again I am going to try and heal. It is worse this time really because I actually thought I was getting somewhere with him spending more time with me and having a laugh together. And yet still a stupid part of me is thinking, maybe he just fell asleep last night or lost his phone? But I know that’s just me hoping. So here we go, no contact.

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