Reply To: Should I bother to enforce custody orders or let it go?


Donna Andersen

thirdtimelucky – It sounds like your ex is beginning a typical sociopathic ploy, which is to separate your son from you. His long-term agenda is likely to drive a wedge between you and your son, so that your son no longer wants to have a relationship with you. His goal is probably to make your son hate you.

If he is able to have your son for extended periods of time, he has a better chance of accomplishing this.

Also, this is just the beginning. If he is able to cross this boundary, he will cross more boundaries. He will keep pushing until he is forced to stop.

As painful as it is, I think that if you do not enforce the custody orders, you will later regret it. What is at stake here is your entire relationship with your son.

Do not bother trying to mediate. Do not meet him for coffee. This is not about him wanting more time with the child. It is about punishing you.

One of your ex’s goals, of course, is also to decimate you financially. Plenty of women have learned to represent themselves in court. It’s not fun or easy, but at least he won’t be bleeding off your money.

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