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01-25-2009, 06:45 PM
Husband jailed for assault, rape

Husband jailed for assault, rape | The Citizen Online (http://www.thecitizen.com/%7Ecitizen0/node/34504)

Suspect denied bond; prosecutor calls it ‘worst case’ of family violence she has seen
A Peachtree City woman suffered two broken wrists and a broken toe at the hands of her husband, who also raped her at the couple’s home in the Kedron Hills neighborhood Sunday, according to court documents in the case.
This afternoon Michael William Ellicott, 47, was denied bond on several criminal charges filed in the case.
Assistant District Attorney Lura Landis said this is the worst domestic violence case she has seen in her entire 32 year as an attorney. Landis said she has personally spoken to two members of the community who asked that Ellicott remain jailed without bond because they also were afraid of him.
Landis said neither of those people are related to the victim in the case, and they both will testify when a bond hearing is held in Superior Court on the rape charge.
Ellicott was denied bond in the case by Fayette County Magistrate Charles R. Floyd Jr. Only Superior Court judges are allowed to consider bond on violent charges such as rape.
The incident occurred over a period of time Sunday at the couple’s home, listed at 209 Portico Place, according to arrest warrants filed in the case.
Ellicott is charged with rape, three counts of aggravated battery (family violence), aggravated assault (family violence), false imprisonment (family violence) and two counts of cruelty to children in the third degree. The cruelty to children charges are because the violence occurred in front of their two children, according to arrest warrants.
Ellicott’s attorney, Allen Turner, said his client has never been arrested before and argued that he is not a flight risk. Turner said he would be willing to surrender his client’s passport.
Ellicott is a pilot at Delta Air Lines, and the company will be looking into the matter, a spokesperson said.
In addition to denying bond, Floyd ordered that Ellicott may not contact the victim nor any of her family members, even in a phone call from the jail.
Floyd said he would revisit the bond matter at a later date should Ellicott gain a bond on the rape charge from a Superior Court judge.
A company spokesperson noted that Ellicott is a first officer, which is the lowest rank of pilot at the company.

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