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Hi Thirdtimelucky, I am so glad that you got away from this crazy manipulative sociopath!! You were so smart in hiring a PI to uncover this guys crazy double life!

I am a firm believer in listening to your gut, especially now that I have learned so much about what these evil people do when they are not with you and your gut is telling you a lot of good info. If you think his daughter is a “psycho”, BELIEVE your gut!!

First impressions are lasting impressions!!

The apple typically does not fall far from the tree, especially a sociopath’s tree. Not all children of a psychopath are psychopath. However, they can easily pick up patterns of bad behavior from their parent psychopath. And you were picking up something from her that made you notice her behavior was not normal.

What is this daughters agenda?

Is she doing this on her own? Most likely NOT. She had to hear from him that you two broke up. So to me she is nothing but trouble in your life.

I’m sorry that you lived thru such a nightmare with this crazy guy. Was the PI that you hired shocked by his findings or is this typical with his investigation?

I called a PI during my marriage because I felt that he was cheating but had no proof. We both have jobs were we traveled weekly out of state. My ex at the time was using a work cell phone & I did not have access to his phone bill. I thought he was screwing around with a co worker but he was spinning my head so much with chaos & drama at home, that I literally could not think clearly, while at the same time using love bombing games. And his work was not in town & his co worker lived in the opposite direction. When I spoke with the PI he just told me to check the bill. That all the “answers are always in the phone bill”. About 1 1/2 later he told me that his company he worked for was upset for him using their “cell phone for other business”. So he purchases a personal cell phone. That’s when I was able to check the phone bill & found that he & she were talking endlessly. Every time he was on the phone for “business” he was really talking to her. This is why his company told him to purchase his own phone! While with her, he was calling me on his business phone. It was so crazy. He had endless energy.

You state: “This is what puzzles me: why not introduce his daughter to his wife and keep me secret (especially as I live in a different town from his daughter and wife)?”

Sociopaths love to play mind games with everyone!! This was some kind of twisted mind game either with you or her or both by your ex. Like a cat playing with a mouse for fun. My ex was on a business trip north of our home and invited me up to stay at his hotel. I drove up & guess who joined us for dinner…his mistress i.e. co worker!! (at the time I did not have confirmation of their affair but I was very suspicious). I believe he had me go up to the hotel to control her in some way & me too and he told me after he admitted to the affair that she wanted to have an “open” relationship with him, meaning she wanted to divorce her husband & have my ex do the same with me. She was tired of “sneaking around” (at least this is what he told me when I found the phone bill & pieced everything together.

Close the door on his daughter too. Keep his emails & his daughters text for record. And then slam the door closed on her (him) & dont think about her again unless you see something odd at your home or see her at places you frequent etc. Clear your mind of her…dont let her rent space in your mind!!

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