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You’re Welcome Honnybrown. The PTSD is very difficult to deal with especially while trying to divorce a sociopath. I was so stressed out when I crawled out of my marriage & was lucky enough to have a friend guide me to a Endocrinologist doctor who tested me for cortisol levels, vitamin & mineral deficiency etc. My test results were all dangerously out of the normal range. The doctor gave me a Rx of progesterone pills (natural hormone Rx not synthetic & also Dr Wilson’s adrenal fatigue vitamins 4 times a day. Within hours my anxiety was half and within weeks I could sleep better & anxiety felt like it was back to the normal range. When you have a relationship breakup of any kind your body automatically releases larges amounts of cortisol & adrenaline this causes anxiety etc.

As they say stress can kill you. And the stress that a sociopath puts their victims under because of their abuse, chaos & drama really fatigues your adrenal glands etc.

I’m glad that you realized he was not going to change. This is powerful. I went back several times to my ex. Then one day that was it, I new never again would I ever speak to him or see him. That was a good day!!. In the divorce court he tried to talk to me, I was educated on who he was and never would allow a conversation to start as I knew it would just be mind games by him to look bad in court.

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