Reply To: Oxytoxin, trust and why we fall for psychopaths



Thank you for your post. It is very true what the talk says. Great sex with psychopaths creates instant trust (in victims, not them).
With my ex there was lots of intense eye contact, hand holding, cuddling. He always insisted on cuddling when we meet, before anything else (as lived in different cities, it was about every 10 days). I remember I’d go into this trance like state when he held me, pretty much from day one. So of course I did not ask questions where he was and my red flags would go silent. If you add fantastic sex into the mix – I’d be left in a trance for about 48 hrs in the early days, would seriously be not capable to think straight.
This is why recovery from them is so difficult – we are literally fighting and weaning ourselves off the addiction. Not just to him but to the chemical high.
But there are other ways to ge oxytocin – massage, spending time with animals, kids and of course time with trusted friends!

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