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Thank you lovefraud friends:) There are so many barriers to trying to pull yourself together after this abuse. Avoiding victim blaming, trying to get police and da to prosecute, victims assistance got a new coordinator who says they only provide counseling to sexual and physical assault victims, finding a therapist that takes your insurance that you know is experienced jn the area, not telling family or friends for fear if blaming the victim and personal embarassment, the bank quickly sending me back out the door with my check that was too old from the sp, fearing for personal safety, and on and on. My god I had no idea what people went through. It has been really hard. This will have been the hardest thing I will ever go through in my life. I realize though that after going through all the texts and other evidence i am getting ready for the police to try to make my case that i am a really good person. Seriously. And, my strength is that i have always been able to pull myself together and get things done that need to be done. Even though i may be sick to my stomach from stress and trembling half the time. God bless us all. I guess thats why they say we are resilient!

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