Reply To: Mother is dying, he’s killing me.



I’m very sorry to hear about your mother. That was a good point Sunnygal made about hospice. At the very least hospice help can provide emotional and other support. They may have support therapy groups and so forth.

If you have some friends, is there any chance you can stay with one for a time while you’re coping with all this? Or stay at your mother’s house? Just leave Jerkwad to his own devices? He’ll feed himself if there’s nobody there to do it for him. The world won’t fall apart if you stop doing for others for a time and focus on taking care of your mother while you still have her with you.

You didn’t say how old your son is. If he’s from a previous marriage, is he old enough to look after himself for a while? Could you take him with you and stay at your mother’s house? Just don’t let yourself get stretched too thin, that’s all.

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