Reply To: Mother is dying, he’s killing me.



Dear BeautifulMonkey….WHERE ARE YOU??? Hello? I am VERY concerned about you. I am in a similar situation. You’re going to need to go Gray Rock Method with this piece of dog shit. Listen up. He is this way because of his Mother. Trust me. I have done YEARS of research on this. Every time you say ANYTHING to him that is NOT stroking his ego and questioning him about his behaviors he is TRIGGERED and goes into flashback mode. He sees you as his abuser/mother. You cannot and should not expect any normal human responses from him, because he literally has brain damage. You’re going to NEED to change your perspective. In your mind you tell yourself this “He is a mental patient and I am the normal one. I need to play mind games with him now instead of the other way around”…..I live with a psycho as well, but I’ve got him under MY control now. I also have an 87 year old at home that I am taking care of. Please do not ask that piece of dog SHIT to do anything at all to help you in any way. He is INSANE. Do you hear me? This guy is not normal, so you cannot expect anything normal from him. How old is your son? I have a 20 year old and he is affected by this as well. He is an internet gaming ADDICT now.
Please go to this womans YouTube channel and watch her stuff:
The Little Shaman Healing

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